if else statement in c++

  • The if statement lets you do something if a condition is true. If it isn’t true, nothing happens. But suppose we want to do one thing if a condition is true, and do something else if it’s false.
  • That’s where the if...else statement comes in. It consists of an if statement, followed by a statement or block of statements, followed by the keyword else, followed by another statement or block of statements.


    if (condition)
  • If the condition is true, the first statement is executed. If it is false, the second statement is executed.

Flow Diagram

    if-else-statement in c++ language


    // ifelse.cpp
    // demonstrates IF...ELSE statememt
    #include using namespace std;
    int main()
       int x;
       cout > x;
       if( x > 100 )
         cout << “That number is greater than 100 ”;
        cout << “That number is not greater than 100 ”;
      return 0;


    Enter a number: 300
    That number is greater than 100
    Enter a number: 3
    That number is not greater than 100